About Us

Before, looking for insurance involved calling or visiting the websites of different agencies and insurers, with the hassle of having to fill out forms and repeat the same information over and over again.

It was a slow and repetitive process that led most users to tire and not get the best prices and benefits for their insurance. In cheapcarinsurancebiz.com we make available to our users an easy-to-use system that in just 3 minutes allows us to have all the information to make the best decision about their policies.
cheapcarinsurancebiz.com is one of the largest insurance brokers in Spain and has agreements with a very large number of companies. For this reason, if the insurer selected by the user works with insurance brokers, we can carry out the management of their insurance on behalf of the user, saving them from carrying out numerous procedures and helping them with any incident.

cheapcarinsurancebiz.com has been revolutionizing the insurance sector in more than 10 years, with the clear objective of innovating every day to offer our users the best possible experience in managing their policies.

We are 100% independent, as we do not depend on or are owned by any insurance company. Our maxim is to offer our users the offers that best suit them for quality and price. The user will always have the last word.

At cheapcarinsurancebiz.com we are aware of the importance and responsibility of advising thousands of clients on their insurance, putting their needs at the center of any recommendation.